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New Forum - sshisui - 01-08-2016

Hello, everyone!

As you can see, we've got ourselves a whole new forum. It's something that Alien has been working on for quite a while now, and thanks to him, HalfDead, Rekyth and Ameer(yeah, bitch) we finally have it. It's gonna take some time to get used to, we know. Hopefully after everyone's had a chance to search through it and navigate around a bit, you'll see that it's a lot nicer and more up to date with newer gaming websites. It's a small step towards making RS a greater community for people to join. And hopefully we can all still have all the fun we've been having on this new one. Everyone likes what they're used to and it really is hard to change everything so suddenly, but it's what needs to be done. I mean, our old forum did look antique.

For the time being, the old website is still online and can be accessed for old posts and RCP use. The new forum has yet to be integrated with the RCP that we're accustomed to using. You can think of the old forum as an archive and history book for RS (aswell as the RCP thing for now). You can access it at You can still use your old profiles to log into, aswell!

If you guys have any requests or suggestions for this new forum, feel free to shout it out. This is going to be our new home, so make sure you make It as lovely, lively and warm as our old one.

Thanks for reading!
~RS Admin Team~

RE: New Forum - exzz - 01-08-2016

I liked the old forum, but as time goes by I gotta get used to this new one! Wink

RE: New Forum - SaaR - 01-08-2016

Thx guys for new home Big Grin

RE: New Forum - Roger - 01-08-2016

(01-08-2016 20:52)exzz Wrote: I liked the old forum, but as time goes by I gotta get used to this new one! Wink

RE: New Forum - Kartoffel - 01-08-2016

I miss the old one, but I already love the new one Big Grin 

RE: New Forum - Yoda - 01-08-2016

I got used a lot to our last but this 1 is very good..Also the title thing  Cool

RE: New Forum - Silence - 01-08-2016

Tyank u guys

RE: New Forum - Fefe - 01-08-2016

5 years of service, thousands of posts, an endless number of cheaters and a lot of fun!

But now this is where we roll, welcome home buddies!

RE: New Forum - Greekstyle - 01-08-2016

Great jobs from the team
Im sure gonna miss the old cuase there i was living for 4 years now but sometimes you just have to go with the flow!!!
Again great effort and nice job!!

RE: New Forum - Tequila - 02-08-2016

Great job guys, it looks and feel great Big Grin